Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Garden Princess Birthday

Our little girl is growing up so fast on us. Again we went all out for the big 3. Ella better live it up because other little siblings are around the corner and we won't be able to spoil her like we do now. The theme this year was a Garden Princess the little girls wore tutus and we planted some flowers, had a pinata, downed some garden fresh food, and delicious cake, Ella opened all of her one million gifts, and we enjoyed all of our amazing friends. Thanks guys for joining us and all who were there in heart. We love you guys!!!!


bulkleybunch said...

will you elaborate on "siblings are around the corner"?!!!!! wahoooooo!

Emily Taylor said...

Dawn, Can you believe I am a blog stalker and I found you??? It's Emily Nordstrom. I'm so excited to find you. Your little girl is so beautiful and you look great and so happy. It was fun to look at your blog. I'm living in Tucson, AZ while my husband is in Grad school. We've been married about a year and a half, so no kids yet. Here is my blog greg-emily.blogspot.com.